RevitaLash® Advanced Lash Conditioner 3.5ml

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REVITALASH ADVANCED EYELASH CONDITIONER Developed by an Ophthalmologist, this formula is a blend of botanicals & BioPeptin Complex addressing the signs of eyelash ageing. Making dry brittle lashes a thing of the past, it hydrates & strengthens the beauty of your natural eyelashes. Consistent use will result in healthier luxurious lashes.

Size: 3.5ml


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For those with natural lashes – it conditions, hydrates & strengthens which results in a more dramatic look even without makeup. For those with lash extensions – it helps retain your natural lashes minimizing the damaging effects that lash extensions can have. Can also prolong lash extensions due to your lashes being in better condition, if you choose to remove your lash extensions your natural lashes remain healthy & hydrated.


Use once a day before eye make up, use the precision brush to sweep once across the top of the lash line, wait a few minutes before applying eye makeup. Can be applied morning or evening and if used more than once a day doesn’t strengthen the results. Its non-drip formula makes this product safe to use with contact lenses & lash extensions.