What is Microblading?

Microblading eyebrows have been one of the oldest semi permanent makeup methods to have, but over the last few years, customers are making microblading the new must-have treatment for a natural looking brow.

Having a brow treatment is a three-part process, usually completed within two appointments.

The Procedure

Using a handpiece Microblading tool, tiny precision hair strokes are created by hand, these mimic the natural direction and length of your brows. The pigment is then implanted into the hairs that have been created. You shouldn’t feel any pain, the sensation is similar to a little scratch. Once finished the area will look around 40% darker than the colour you would have chosen during your consultation, but this fades around 4-5 days to reveal your chosen colour. The treatment takes around an hour

The Consultation

The first part of the process is the consultation; this is something you can have a separate appointment if you would prefer. We talk in detail about your requirements & the look you are trying to achieve. If you do have this separate it is a great time to have your patch test done and book your procedure appointment, if you wish for the consultation to be done on the same day as the procedure then your patch test can be posted to you.

Together we look at colour matching to see what looks best on your skin and against your hair and eye colour, once this has been agreed there is measuring and brows are drawn on with an eyebrow pencil, this can be adjusted as many times as you like to make sure your happy with the shape and design of your new brows, only then once your happy do we go ahead with the procedure.

The Retouch:

A second appointment is needed 6-12 weeks after your first treatment, this is usually around an hour and is a great time to review your brows to see if you would like to add more colour or change any aspects to the shape. Due to the healing process, some hairs may not “hold” as well as some others and you may have a few patches that need more colour added. This is completely normal and everyone heals differently.

I was previously a beauty therapist and have been fully qualified in semi permanent makeup for a number of years, so I know what it takes to create a natural looking brow, giving you the best experience possible. 

Semi Permanent Eyebrows

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