Is the procedure painful?
A soothing balm is applied to the area throughout your treatment to ensure maximum comfort, but at times can feel a little scratchy, but certainly not a painful experience.

I hate needles, can I still have this treatment?
Of course you can! You don’t see the needle at all whilst I am carrying out your procedure and I work to your pace so you will always feel at ease even with the possible phobia of needles.

Am I too old to be having these sorts of treatments?
My oldest lady who sees me regularly is 84, she gave me permission to say that and she has had brows, eyes and lips and she feels like it saves her time and the effort of trying to apply eyeliner with poor eyesight. As long as you’re over 18, you’re never too old to feel fabulous!

I want a very natural appearance, is this possible?
Definitely, I would hate to make a person look like their appearance was “fake”, I am all about enhancing your appearance and giving you confidence. Not to take that confidence away.

What will I expect during the healing process?
Everyone is different, but you will experience some redness around the area and some possible swelling, this can take up to a week with some people, but most clients say that redness and swelling are reduced by the next day.
As the weeks go by you will experience some patchiness as the skin starts to heal, but this is all perfectly normal and your retouch appointment will balance out any areas that are patchy after 6 weeks.

I have a concern about my treatment; will you be available to speak to after my appointment?
Of course! I strive for high standards of customer service and I am contactable via email, phone or text so you can express any concerns if need be whenever it’s needed. Although if it is 10pm at night I may be asleep but will aim to respond to all queries asap.