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Having eyeliner is a great way to add definition to your eyes and let's face it, will save you so much time in the morning!

You can choose to have a small eyelash enhancement where this just follows your own lashes giving them that “just tinted” look or you can choose to go thicker and add a flick if desired. You can also choose to have both your upper and lower lids tattooed or just upper or lower lids alone, this is something we can look at together if you're unsure.

So what can you expect to happen?
During your appointment, we go through your requirements and discuss what you would like to achieve. Once this is done we look at colours to suit your eyes, skin tone & hair colour. 

Once you have had your procedure carried out, aftercare is given and then you’re booked to come back in 6 weeks time for a retouch/review appointment. This is a great time to discuss any changes you would like to make and both these appointments are included in the prices below

Lash Enhancement top & bottom: £395
Lash Enhancement Top only: £295
Lash Enhancement bottom only: £250
Eyeliner: £395

Colour Boost Prices:
0-6 Months: £135
6-18 Months: £195
18+ Months: Full Price

A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required for all semi permanent makeup and microblading treatments.


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