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Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Without a doubt, the most popular semi permanent makeup treatment that is requested, and having the correct eyebrow shape can seriously change your appearance. You will be surprised at how many clients that have said to me once they have their brows done, they feel the need for less makeup! It really can change your life. Your confidence will be through the roof!

Whether you want to simply fill in gaps to an already great brow shape or you need to have your brows completely reconstructed or maybe you currently have no eyebrows at all and feel that having eyebrows would give you that boost of confidence needed, there is an eyebrow treatment to suit all. 

Each set of semi permanent eyebrows I create for clients are bespoke to them, so during the consultation stage we talk about lifestyle, daily activities, how you wear your hair, do you wear glasses? Everything is covered to make sure your brows are perfect for you.

Your brows should last up to 12-18 months before you would need to refresh them; this is a one-time appointment only.

So what can you expect to happen?

During your appointment, we go through your requirements and discuss what you would like to achieve. Once this is done we look at colours to suit your brows, skin tone & hair colour, I then draw on a shape to suit. Only when you are happy with the shape will we go ahead with the procedure.

Once you have had your procedure carried out, aftercare is given and then you’re booked to come back in 6 weeks time for a retouch/review appointment. This is a great time to discuss any changes you would like to make and both these appointments are included in the prices below.

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Part Brow/Scars in brows: £195
Hairstroke: £395
Powder Brow: £450
Combination of Hairstroke & Powder: £450
Extra Retouch: £65

Colour Boost Prices:

0-6 Months: £135
6-18 Months: £195
18+ Months: Full Price


Take a look at my Microblading page if you feel that this treatment would be more suited to you.


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