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Colour Release

Over the years I have unfortunately had to correct clients eyebrows when they haven’t had such a good experience elsewhere. Some of the issues have been due to eyebrow shape, but mostly I get colour issues through the door.

Colour release helps you make minor adjustments by releasing unwanted pigment from your brows or lips immediately after a treatment or to correct work after the healing process.

So what can you expect to happen?
Once you have been in for your free mini consultation and we have decided that colour release is right for you, your then booked to come back to have the procedure carried out. During the procedure, a needle implants colour release into your brows or lips and breaks down the existing pigment that once healed, should appear less apparent. So if you wish to have them corrected they can be worked over again.

The Colour release treatment is £80 per session.

A non-refundable deposit of £20 is required to secure your booking slot.


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