Microblading - A customer's experience

Microblading - A customer's experience

I get lots of queries every month about Microblading, it is a very popular treatment, so much so that 80% of my time at work is spent Microblading! So I thought what better way to explain it than to have a client write her story about her Microblading experience...


What is Microblading?

I have always been obsessed with my brows! I have boards dedicated to them on Pinterest and am drawn to photos of celebs rocking a deep, thick, full brow.

For me a groomed brow is like always having a perfectly set of perfectly manicured nails, or a sublime blow dry. It says, I’m polished, I’m well put together, take me seriously world! Over the years I have tweezed, plucked and waxed my way to an adequate brow, but feeling deep down that I never really reached my true brow potential. Until now!

The first time I met Sarah, we spoke about HD Brows and whilst this was certainly appealing, I was looking for something a little more permanent. I fell in love with the idea that I wouldn’t have to do much brow maintenance and that I would no longer be responsible each time for keeping the shape. Microblading would give me the opportunity to have a permanent fixed shape, from which I just had to keep the brow tidy and ‘in the lines,’ of the shape already pre-determined.

I was also apprehensive about semi permanent makeup. What if I didn’t like it? Or changed my mind? What if trends changed and I wanted to opt for something thinner in the future? But I had nothing to fear with Microblading, the brush stroke technique, meant that I was guaranteed a flawless natural finish, that looked just like my normal brow, but in the shape that I wanted and in the thickness and fullness I always dreamed of.


Here are some of the questions I asked before my treatment and the top questions people ask me now!


What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi permanent beauty treatment for the eyebrows.  Microblading is perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill-in over plucked brows, with a thin natural-looking hair stroke technique. Microblading is a hand toolmethod. It looks like a pen and Sarah holds it like a pen, but the nib is a very small blade. The blade is dipped in pigment (you choose the right colour for you) and then a very slight incision is made and the pigment is transferred into the skin. Like a tattoo, but with a slice motion as opposed to a pin prick. This may sound gruesome, but it’s not. It’s minimally invasive and super accurate, as Sarah literally adds more brush strokes into your brow, where there are none, or where you need thickness added.


Does Microblading hurt?

This is the question that I get asked the most. And no, not at all. It sounds far scarier than it is.  Firstly, numbing gel is applied, to ensure that there is no sensation in that area.  This is how mild the treatment is, numbing gel is sufficient to dull any discomfort that may arise.

You feel the sensation of the blade and can hear a scratching sound, but there is no pain. Each incision is so slight, that it’s over in a heartbeat. By the time Sarah revisits the first brow again, after completing the first round on your second brow, you are so truly numb that you barely feel a thing.


Is Microblading scary?

The idea of it did cause me anxiety in the beginning, but as soon as we got started, I completely relaxed! Plus, unlike the semi permanent tattoo, there is no needle/machinery sound, so it’s less disconcerting. Also, Sarah firstly draws the shape in place, which you approve, so when it comes down to it, Sarah jumps straight into action, rather than stalling causing more anxiety. Plus, she is so lovely and puts you completely at ease that you end up just chatting and forgetting what’s going on. Anxiety soon melts into eagerness and you just can’t wait for it to be over so that you can see the results!


How long does Microblading take?

Sarah takes her time to draw the brow in place, you check it; make changes etc, until it’s perfect. This can take 5-10 mins.

Each eyebrow takes around 7-10 mins.

Sarah then repeats each eyebrow, to ensure ample coverage. This is quicker around 5-7 mins.

So, you’re appointment slot is likely to take between 40-1hr.


Does Microblading hurt? And how do you feel afterwards?

Once the numbing gel subsided, there was a little tenderness, but nothing severe. If anything when they started to scab over, they became a little itchy, so I would say that there is mild discomfort rather than pain.

The scabbing continued over the next few days, as essentially your skin is healing from the slight incisions, but there is still no pain. It does get itchy though! And, Sarah tells you not to itch, so all you can think about it itching them! But, if you do the pigment may be lifted out, so you really mustn’t touch them. Also, be warned that you will end up staring at yourself in any shiny or reflective surface you can find. You will become obsessed with your amazing brows! I was caught admiring my brows in a shop window, only to have the girls behind the counter laugh at me ruthlessly. ‘Yeah, laugh all you want, Ladies! But do you have awesome brows? No!’...It was mortifying…!


What is the aftercare for Microblading?

You can’t get the brows wet for a few days, which Sarah preps you about and she also gives you some soothing balm to place on your brows once a day. This feels lovely and helps the itching subside. It’s super simple and Sarah is on the end of the phone if you have any queries or concerns.


Do you see results straight away with Microblading?

YES! As soon as Sarah finishes, you sit up and take a look. You will not believe the results. Your new Microbladed brows look so natural and immaculately groomed, you’ll wonder what you did before this!


Is Microblading worth it?

For me this is no brainer. Absolutely. I no longer have to worry about maintaining my brows. I pluck around the brow, when there is a stray, but the shape is fixed and always perfect. It’s like colouring in the lines! When I think how much money I spent over the years on threading and how much time I spent on tweezing, you will find that it saves you time and money in a matter of months.

My brow thickness is also now perfect, so I personally feel no need to add pencil to my brow, in my morning beauty routine. Prepping my brows would take time in the morning, now, they are already set and perfect, so a quick brush and I’m done! Plus, I’m now also saving on brow pencils, powders and fixing gels.


I know that I will need top ups intermittently (once or twice a year max), but this maintenance in comparison to what I used to do is vastly improved.


So, to recap, here’s how it works:

1.  Sarah draws the brow in place. You confirm that it’s perfect.

2.  You choose a pigment colour to suit your colouring and skin tone.

3.  Numbing gel is applied to the brow area.

4.  Sarah makes brush stroke incisions over her brow pencil markings, to change your shape or fill in gaps.

5.  She adds extra pigment to ensure that the colour takes.

6.  She repeats this on the other brow.

7.  She then returns to the first brow and goes over her work.

8.  She repeats this on the other brow.


Ellena Ophira

-A Happy Customer!


For more information on Microblading, or to see more Before and After pictures click HERE.

Get in touch if you have any further questions, I’d only be too happy to answer them.