How "semi" is Semi Permanent Makeup

How semi is semi permanent makeup

What happens when Semi Permanent makeup goes wrong?

The word ‘permanent,’ in Semi Permanent makeup is no joke! That is why it’s really important to think carefully about your procedure before deciding to proceed and to ensure that you are having your treatment conducted by a qualified and skilled professional.

My semi permanent makeup journey

To say that this career choice was easy would be an absolute lie! Looking back on the early days to where I am now I do feel like I have come a long way, personally & professionally. So let’s start at the beginning...

7 Myths and Facts about Semi Permanent Makeup

Take a look at the 7 myths and facts about Semi Permanent Makeup.... You might be surprised!!

Microblading - A customer's experience

All about Microblading, but from a clients perspective, Ellie speaks about having her brows done and how Microblading has changed her life!

Top 5 tips for finding the right tehnician

Top tips on finding the right semi permanent makeup technician for you

What happens in a consultation?

A step by step of what you can expect to happen during your consultation


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